Invent Help is a non-profit, non-boards, non-profit organization that provides guidance and counsel to inventor innovators, patent applicants, and others regarding the creation of ideas for inventions and commercialization. The organization was established in 1974 with the founding of The American Patent Law Institute (AGL). Invent Help’s mission is “to prevent and remedy the cost-related obstacles that may deter people from making new inventions.” Since its inception, Invent Help has been effective in helping these innovators obtain the protection their invention needs through proper legal process, such as invention identification, examination and review of claims by experts in the relevant fields, and submission of the appropriate application.

Invent Help

Many times, inventors or their legal representatives make the mistake of trying to patent ideas themselves. This is when the discovery process becomes challenging because, in this case, the original inventors are not protected under law and are unable to prevent third parties from infringing upon their hard work. Some may even be forced to pay damages or costs in order to file a suit. This is why it is important for those who are involved in the discovery process to seek the advice of Invent Help.

Invent Help helps these innovators to avoid the costly mistakes that can result from attempting to patent their inventions. Inventors should not file lawsuit claims or move forward with patenting their inventions without first engaging the services of Invent Help. By doing so, they could easily find themselves in a position that would be financially difficult if not financially devastating. Additionally, without help from Invent Help, inventors could face serious consequences that could include losing their day-to-day jobs and being forced to repay expensive patent fees out of their own pocket.

Inventors should seek the advice of a qualified patent attorney prior to filing their patent applications. A patent attorney is generally a university-educated attorney who is highly skilled in the art of patent law. They generally have a strong understanding of what types of inventions are covered by each patentable idea. A patent attorney will also have experience dealing with the complexities of federal law, as well as state and local laws.

If an invention meets the above criteria, then Invent Help may be able to offer assistance. If you find that you are the victim of illegal conduct, or believe your invention is being violated in a way that would constitute illegal patenting, then you may need the assistance of Invent Help. The services of an intelligent patent legal counsel could prevent you from facing civil and/or criminal litigation for your inventions. Additionally, an experienced patent attorney will be able to advise you of what steps you need to take in order to successfully obtain the necessary patent protection for your invention. Inventors should not attempt to patent their invention themselves. If this happens, they could face severe penalties.

There are several companies which offer professional consulting services to help Inventors protect their inventions. These companies provide Inventor representation to protect inventors from infringement lawsuits that may result from improper or illegal patenting. A patent attorney will have experience dealing with several companies that specialize in Inventor’s litigation. These companies have several attorneys on staff, which specialize in patent matters and have a staff of patent attorneys who represent a number of inventors. These companies will work closely with you to determine if your invention is legally patentable.